Main development direction and market prospect of NC tool industry

2021-04-06 Share

Main development direction and market prospect of NC tool industry

   the basic requirement of machining is to produce high quality products quickly and cheaply. This requirement is closely related to the realization of high precision, high efficiency and low cost of cutting. In recent years, cutting technology has developed rapidly in high-speed milling, micro shape cutting and other fields. With the development and application of new engineering materials and the further miniaturization and precision of parts, CNC tool manufacturers are actively developing efficient tools for various processing purposes.


   the development direction of NC tools is mainly to improve the degree of standardization and rationalization of tools; improve the level of tool management and flexible processing; expand the utilization rate of tools, give full play to the performance of tools; effectively eliminate the interruption phenomenon of tool measurement, which can use off-line presetting. In fact, due to the development of high-efficiency tools, CNC tools have formed three systems, namely turning tool system, drilling tool system and boring and milling tool system.



   China's CNC tool industry development still has a lot of space and broad market prospects, which requires enterprises to make full preparations, opportunities are left to those who are prepared. In addition, enterprises in product marketing, to a reasonable grasp of brand marketing methods, all aspects of impeccable, enterprises can survive well.

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