• Material Warehouse and Weigh Line

    Material Warehouse and Weigh L

    In this warehouse we have enough selected raw materials for producing cnc tools. Those materials include 80% Wu, some CO and other materials we need which all have good quality. And in the weigh line, our professional workers will make proper formula according to the technical datas.

  • Milling Room

    Milling Room

    This milling room is for milling the raw materials into the fine particles powder, which will take 8-10 hours to finish. It can guarantee the quality which the cnc tools are required.

  • Quality Testing Of The powder

    Quality Testing Of The powder

    In this pocess, the professional quality inspector will randomly select some samples of bottles of powder which just is milled. And they will select out the quality-qualified and sent to the next workshop.

  • Pressing and Shaping

    Pressing and Shaping

    Now, the powder from the milling room will be used in this step and put the powder into the mold which has all different sizes and standards to shape. This process has realized complete automatic operation.

  • Sintering and Grinding

    Sintering and Grinding

    Sintering is the necessary and very important step during the producing, for the powder which is molded in the pressing process is so fragile and it need sinter in the Sintering furnace at the high temperature of 1500℃. Then the hardness and performance will be guaranteed.

  • Rich Stock

    Rich Stock

    Rich Stock

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